Consumer help section!

Ok, you are smarter already. Just by visiting this link makes you a smarter consumer. There will be a lot of information in this section. Please take some time to educate yourself, and use some of the resources that we have included. Also, if you have any suggestions as to adding material to this section please contact our office at 440.439.8033 or 800.736.7045 or use our contact form.

Consumer Tips!

Research the contractors that are bidding on the work. Below will be some various links with brief instructions on what to expect.
You will see an area that says "Supplier Name Search". Fill in that area and hit Search. Once the results are displayed, click on the link with the contractors name and the more detailed results will be displayed.
If you have never used the BBB website, you may be asked to supply your zip code and that will put you in touch with your local BBB. *Keep in mind that when you are researching a contractor, you will get the best results using the contractors local BBB. For example, let's say you are researching a waterproofing contractor from Twinsburg or Macedonia, OH - you will get better search results using the Akron, Better Business Bureau.
Contractors that have a lowest price guarantee.
Quality of Product + Customer Services = $ Price
Folks, a contractor can't offer the highest quality installation, the most outstanding customer service, and the lowest cost all in the same package. Normally a contractor that is guaranteeing the lowest cost is not offering the customer an apples to apples installation.
Some of the cost cutting techniques!
  • Inferior materials
  • No office staff in place to offer customer service should any questions or issues ever arise.
  • Low cost, inexperienced employees. Temporary help!
  • Customer responsible for all city permits
  • The electrical work that is required is at the customers expense.
  • No 24 hour answering service to contact company.
Now, that is just touching the surface on how they cut corners.
There are at least three of our local competitors that are working on their third company. These are the contractors that offer a lower than average cost. They run their business for 3 -5 years and after the complaint volume and liability for warranty is overwhelming, they just shut the doors, move to the next building over in the industrial parkway, change the name and Presto! They have a new company with a clean slate and their existing customer base has no warranty at all. (but they have the piece of mind to know they saved $300.00) Not fair, but true.
Price should not be your only concern!
High Pressure and "Hard Sell" Sales techniques!
Here is a list of techniques that you may consider High Pressure.

The Husband and Wife must both be present for the estimate!

This is often referred to as a "One legged call". If both spouses are not present together at the estimate the chances of making the sale are dramatically reduced. It makes sense for the company, but is it fair to the customer? Some companies will not even come out for an estimate unless this demand is honored by the customer.

B-Dry System Cleveland understands that it is not always possible or convenient for both parties to be present at the estimate. We would be happy to see your project when it is most convenient for you, even if that means meeting Grandma at the property. We can always talk about the details when you are available.

The contractor will need an hour and a half or two hours to present their product.

Folks, I'm almost certain that a cardiologist could give you an exam and consultation for a quadruple bypass in less time than that.

These guys that need this much time to present their product are like a prize fighter that is going to beat you down until you throw in the towel.

Our average estimate takes less than 30 minutes. The only way that it will take longer is if the customer has unanswered questions that need to be addressed.

The contractor will offer you a very large discount if you sign the deal today.

Ok, this should be the biggest red flag on the field. Obviously the discount that they are offering is to give you incentive to purchase their product today, right now, don't think about whether or not your getting a good deal. Let's get this deal done today!

My first question to this contractor would be, "Ok, I need a day or two to think about this, can I still get the discount then?" If the answer is no, then you can rest assured that this is "High Pressure" sales technique.

B-Dry System Cleveland believes in straight forward pricing. If there are any discounts available to you they will be put in place on the day of our visit. Most of our discounts will last up to 90 days from your estimate date.

The contractor calls you back a few days later to offer a better price

So let's say that a few days have passed since you had your quote. You have managed to survive the first onslaught of high pressure tactics. Then out of nowhere you get a call telling you that by the grace of God, we have a better deal for you.

Normally the contractors that use this technique say that a supervisor has approved a better deal for you and they need to come out and re measure, or that the company has extra materials in your neighborhood and can get you a better price. Now those are just the two most common excuses, there are many more to come.

Some people may react to this as a great discount. However if your thinking correctly, what if you would have signed the deal on the day they where putting all of the pressure on you? They wouldn't call you back to lower your cost then. Let's just say that when they called you back to drop their price, they dropped $1,000.00. That takes all of their integrity to the trash. If it were me, I would be insulted that they tried to rip me off by a $1,000.00 - BE CAREFULL!

B-Dry System Cleveland believes in straight forward pricing. We never call you back to lower the cost as a last ditch effort to get our foot back in your door. If there are any discounts available to you they will be put in place on the day of our visit. Most of our discounts will last up to 90 days from your estimate date.

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