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What makes B-Dry® System Cleveland so special?

We are by far the most experienced basement waterproofing company in the area. The average B-Dry® Cleveland employee has over 16 years of installation experience. Serving Northeast Ohio, We have been in the same location serving Cleveland, Ohio and the counties of Cuyahoga, Lorain, Lake, Geauga, and Erie for over 30 years.

Our basement waterproofing system is the most widely used technique for replacement of the footer drains. We will offer a vast amount of information throughout this site. If you require additional information or would like to speak with someone about our services please call our office at 440-439-8033 or toll free 1-800-736-7045.

We offer a free, no obligation written estimate for any homeowner, prospective buyer, Real-estate agent, or executive to an estate.

B-Dry® System, Cleveland is proud to have waterproofed over 15,000 homes in our location over the last 30 years. These homes now stand waterproofed with the lifetime warranty, This warranty is backed and offered by B-Dry® System Cleveland exclusively. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. This is where we have set the standard in Waterproofing excellence.

Once again, B-Dry® System Cleveland is on Top of our Game!

The manner in which we operate our business is very customer friendly from the initial contact asking about our services, to the crew leaving the property when completed. Normal procedure would be something like this,

  • Customer contacts B-Dry® System Cleveland - (No telemarketing or cold calling in our firm!)
  • Customer request Free Estimate - (No qualifying or requirements that the Husband and Wife have to be present!)
  • A sales consultant will meet you in your home - (No high pressure sales tactics, or misleading discounts to pressure you into buying!)
  • A professional basement waterproofing crew will be doing the work - (No subcontracted, temporary help or inexperienced crew members on our staff!)
  • Once waterproofed with the B-Dry® System, Piece of mind with a lifetime warranty - (No mandatory annual service fees!)

Please take some time to know who you are doing business with. You can view our "Smart Consumer" section or use the many consumer resources available for you to make a wise and informed decision.

B-Dry® System Cleveland hits the big 30

Thirty years in business How time flies, it seems like yesterday when we opened the doors to the Cleveland office. We were just starting out with a lot of unanswered questions and a great deal of hope and prayer.

We would first of all like to thank all of the B-Dry® customers, without all of the referrals and kind words this would not have been possible. Next we would like to send our appreciation to all of our employees, we feel that we have the best team in place to be successful and thrive. Our average employee has been with us for over 16 years, with several employees over 20 years. This says to us that B-Dry® System Cleveland is a great place to work. Last but not least, we would like to thank all of the office staff from the top down. We try to run like a finely tuned machine and the office is the grease that makes it run smooth.

We are proud to have achieved this milestone and certainly look forward to our 40th year in business. Remember, B-Dry® System Cleveland is the pioneer of the most widely used basement waterproofing method to date.

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